3 crucial steps to make a great video

When it comes to produce what you might call a great video you have to take in account at least 3 steps of the process: production, footage and video editing.

There isn’t one step more important than the other simply because they all are crucial to the get the best end result. You might argue that production is getting things organized and most people can do it. Make no mistake about it: putting everything together for the team to work and managing budgets is not an easy task and… it can work miracles or turn a day’s work into an expensive disaster.

Then we come to footage. Crew starts filming. One must know what to shoot and study the best way to do it. Not all angles are great and sometimes you have to make creative decisions by the second. Today it seems simple to do footage since we have all kinds of gadgets that do it with a very acceptable quality. Nevertheless what distinguish a professional cameraman from an amateur with a bit of talent – among other things- is the ability to foreseen results.

Finally there’s the video editing phase when it all must come together. Another array of creative decisions are made at this stage. Some solutions can be found to enhance the primal idea. At this point video editing is a make or deal breaker and yet everything started in a meeting with the client. In the end creating a great video is the work of many and this is why at Rebel we value everyone.