Do I need a video?

Will video online enhance your brand awareness?

You tell me? The numbers are clear regarding the subject. YouTube uploads 35 hours of video each minute. The average time an adult spends searching for videos online is up to 50 minutes a day – let’s escape teenagers since they practically live in a continuous matrix – and… Yes! Video is the most shared content on social media which by the way includes the YouTube and, of course, Facebook. Plus consumers who watch videos online are 1, 5 times more receptive to what they’re seeing. The same video presented on YouTube is likely to guarantee 14% more brand notoriety than seen on television. So, you tell me? Will video enhance my brand awareness? The answer seems pretty obvious: Yes. Now to the next part: why?

Consumers don’t want to “think through” an ad or written promotional material unless they actually need the information. Even then they’ll rapidly leave anything that implies going over pages, read for several minutes or have to scroll up and down the website. It’s just not going to happen. On the other hand watching a video is almost compelling. Everyone stops to see. Plus, just imagine that your video goes viral on social media and suddenly everyone knows your brand. How about it? Awesome!

One of the goals in advertising – doesn’t matter if we’re talking about introducing your company, a new product or investing in your brand awareness – is to furnish the consumer with information. The more he knows about the purchase is making the more comfortable he will feel about his choice. Videos provide just the perfect amount of info: not too much, not too less because they are intensive. The power of imagery combined with motion, music – and many times spoken word – in few seconds of video almost guarantees an increased level of brand awareness.