Tilt-shift Effect: Too much of too little?

If we can talk about trends in video probably tilt-shift effect would be one of them. It’s been around for some time but giving the world a kind of toy perspective does seem to have a growing appeal.

Basically what we’re talking is two different types of camera movements brought together: rotation of the lens plane relative to image plane, aka tilt; and movement of the lenses parallel to image plane called shift which is much used to avoid the convergence of lines when photographing tall buildings or landscapes, for instance. 

You can either achieve this effect by using a tilt-shift lenses or introducing it in post-production. Without going in further details if you’re using a normal lens the selected object will remain sharp and everything on the background as well as in the foreground will be out of focus. With a tilt movement the lens can be pivoted in a vertical axis relative to the image sensor which allows to the plane of focus to extend where the left side is in focus and the right isn’t and vice-versa. Hence you can get selective focus giving you the miniature look. 

Nowadays this is becoming a real easy effect to achieve. You even have smartphones apps that allow you to turn photos and videos into tilt shift visual contents. But although seeing the world same way as «Toy Story» can be fun it can also be damaging to your business image. Effects are there to be used, no doubt. Still always ask: does it really enhance/add to my message? We’ll help.